Salesforce Certified Experts Team

Cloudespacio, headquartered in Delhi, is a prominent independent Salesforce and leading consulting firm, dedicated to prioritizing client satisfaction. Since 2022, we have consistently delivered reliable solutions, surpassing the achievements of conventional software companies. Our primary focus is helping you overcome challenges and realize your vision. With a team of over 50 certified professionals, we have successfully collaborated with more than 100 clients on various projects. At Cloudespacio, we prioritize building trust and ensuring long-term benefits for our customers, extending beyond individual projects. To ensure comprehensive success, we meticulously understand your requirements, involve your team throughout implementation and support, and share our expertise at every stage of the process.


Our primary objective is to deliver optimal solutions and services to our clients, prioritizing their success and acting as a trusted and valuable strategic partner.


We are a trusted partner for individuals and businesses seeking transformative solutions from Salesforce. Our goal is to empower both ourselves and our customers through innovative approaches.

The Cloudespacio 4 Cs


At our core, we recognize the importance of collaborative communication between implementation partners and customers in order to establish a thorough comprehension of customer requirements. Our team of skilled Salesforce experts engages in meaningful dialogues with prospective customers, tailored to their specific needs and business processes. By actively collaborating with various teams and attentively listening to diverse business units, we have consistently delivered exceptional service since our establishment.


In the era of interconnectedness and fast-paced networks, consumers now have the convenience of purchasing products or availing services from the comfort of their homes. As a prominent industry leader, we prioritize the development of services that seamlessly connect our customers' needs with Salesforce solutions. Our aim is to provide conveniences that simplify the process of selling products, managing establishments, accessing product information, and addressing various other factors for our valued customers.


When discussing the price of a product or service, we recognize that it represents only a portion of the overall cost of ownership. The total cost encompasses a complex calculation that takes into consideration factors such as time, resources, design, implementation, and more. Various elements influence the cost, including customer requests for modifications, customizations, or opting for advanced product or service options beyond the basic design. We thoroughly assess the customer's specific requirements, considering all these variables, and based on that, we formulate strategies to provide a distinctive service at the most competitive price.

Customer Value

At Cloudespacio, we prioritize customer feedback as it plays a crucial role in shaping and upholding our brand reputation. Our team of Salesforce experts leverages their exceptional technical skills to deliver precisely what our clients desire and what brings value to their businesses. We hold our solutions and products in high regard, consistently striving to earn the trust of our customers, which we consider the true measure of lifetime value for a brand. Our dedicated efforts extend throughout the day and night to ensure customer satisfaction and build lasting relationships.

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