Salesforce Field Service Lightning

Salesforce Field Service Lightning helps in monitoring, tracking, and reporting on all areas of distribution. It is equipped to handle things like dispatching workers, stock levels, and equipment approval and interacting on the go with the Field Service Lightning mobile app.

What is Salesforce Field Service Lightning?

It is a service where expert consultants help you to efficiently organize your workforce by implementing Salesforce Field Service Lighting features for dispatching and tracking workers. We optimize the platform in a way that it allows new way of both tracking appointment statuses and scheduling service appointments when needed. We have helped many customers streamline their worker distribution processes in the most meaningful way.

Features of Our Salesforce Field Service Lightning

Here’s how we can help you transform and grow your business:

  • On-Time Alerts

    You can also receive alerts for when something gets wrong in terms of the amount of product stock present at your site.

  • Use of GEO Coding

    The use of geo-coding in Field Service Lightning gives developers the clarity to track vehicle locations and always stay on the top of current workings and provide updates on the go.

  • Detailed Tracking & Monitoring

    Help you to create detailed reports and utilise automation capabilities for tracking and monitoring the amount of product in stock

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Salesforce Field Service Lightning Uses

  • We optimize Salesforce Field Service Lighting for all your users whether they are out in the field, at their desk or wherever else they may be. This is done by creating templates and maintenance plans to ensure consistency and standardization.

  • Once configured, this platform can even be used offline to ensure no users are missing out on something, even those in signal dead zones can get in touch with the help of this platform.

Salesforce Field Service Lightning FAQs

We’re happy to take all our client queries and answer them to the best of our knowledge

What are the core features included in Salesforce Field Service Lightning?

The Field Service Lightning core features and the mobile app allow users to record, track and report on inventory, workers and other necessary workings from wherever needed. You can use the core system to plan, organize your workload, select skill sets, working hours for staff, and track performance and inventory.

Does the Salesforce Field Service Lightning mobile app work for both iOS and Android?

The Field Service Lightning mobile app is compatible with both iOS and Android and can be used both online and offline to help workers. Users can check and create updates from everywhere, and collect customer signatures and track stock levels and upcoming jobs.

What is smart routing in Field Service Lightning?

There are several types of routing functions available in Field Service Lightning, the default being ‘aerial routing’, used to estimate travel times, with ‘street-level routing’ provides an expected travel time based on road lengths and permitted speed, ‘predictive travel’ function enhances routing accuracy even further by accounting for the time of day and other affecting complications.

How can Field Service Lighting help with my facility management?

Salesforce Field Service Lightning provides the freedom to keep track of everything that is happening in the business. Users can use the app offline to make updates and changes, which will be visible to everyone as soon as it is back online. It saves time and reduces mistakes by recording actions. You can roam freely, check off tasks as you go, and monitor staff members progression in doing the same.

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