Keep up with the demands of the modern Healthcare IT landscape with fast & scalable solutions

Cloudespacio Salesforce Consultancy provides specialized consulting services to address your healthcare IT requirements, leveraging our team of certified Salesforce Consultants and innovative delivery model. The healthcare industry has undergone significant changes with medical breakthroughs, disruption, and innovation, and we are equipped to support the clinical, financial, and operational needs of healthcare organizations. Our services benefit Healthcare Providers, Payers, and Life Sciences Organizations by providing access to the latest advancements while minimizing costs, allowing for a balance in the constant tension of the industry.

Areas of Our Healthcare IT Services

Our services can be hired either individually or in conjunction with each other

  • Healthcare IT Support

    • We specialize in the management and upkeep of healthcare IT infrastructure.
    • We ensure the security and compliance of your IT infrastructure, including adherence to regulations such as HIPAA.
    • We provide help desk management services for healthcare IT applications and infrastructure.
    • We offer monitoring services for hospital applications such as EHR and HIE, as well as networks and LOMT infrastructures.
  • Managed IT Services

    • We offer a range of security and compliance testing services for IT infrastructure and its components, including security audits, compliance testing, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and more.
    • We specialize in optimizing cloud usage to help you maximize its benefits.
    • We specialize in the evolution and monitoring of healthcare IT infrastructure.
    • We provide services for the enhancement, optimization, performance management, and evolution of medical applications.
  • IT Consulting & Assessment

    • We conduct an assessment of the current performance and strength of your IT environment.
    • We develop strategies for optimizing your IT environment, and execute digitization projects to achieve maximum beneficial outcomes while minimizing costs.
    • We offer compliance checks for IT environments, including HIPAA and HITECH compliance assessments.
    • We diagnose vulnerabilities and gaps in IT environments and provide technical solutions to address them.
  • Cloud Migration

    • We specialize in the implementation of HIPAA-compliant cloud solutions.
    • We offer cost-efficient cloud migration strategy design services
    • We perform step-by-step migrations to prevent any data loss.
    • We specialize in migrations to various platforms including servers, data warehouses, desktops, and more.
  • Modernization of IT

    • The process of integrating healthcare applications, such as electronic health records (EHR), medical imaging software, and practice management software.
    • The act of consolidating in-house data and patient data that is spread out or fragmented.
    • The task of guaranteeing the highest level of security measures, such as network protection, application security, adherence to HIPAA regulations, data access controls, and other related measures.
    • The process of documenting past healthcare applications through methods such as recoding, reengineering, or containerization.
  • Analytics & Performance Management

    • Analyzing patient outcomes to detect patterns and develop treatment plans that align with the observed patterns.
    • Assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of internal processes, such as equipment utilization and bed allocation.
    • Examining financial management areas such as expenses, projected cash flow, and outstanding payments.
    • Examining patient-generated health data, including measurements such as glucose levels, body weight, temperature, blood pressure, and other related metrics.
  • Initiatives for Digital Health

    • Developing healthcare initiatives that align with an organization's objectives and requirements, including conceptualizing and planning the initiatives.
    • Creating digital health solutions, such as remote patient monitoring, telemedicine apps, digital therapeutics, and chronic disease management software.
    • Providing ongoing software support and development for patient-related systems or applications.

Areas of Our Healthcare IT Services

  • Providers

    Healthcare providers prioritize enhancing patient care, coordination, and value by improving the quality of data and the patient journey. Despite numerous challenges such as changing delivery and payment models, increased competition, and the need to maximize return on investment in technology, it is possible to provide more personalized and confidential healthcare services.

  • Payer

    Payers encounter several challenges when attempting to engage clients and optimize agent workflows. These challenges can include poor visibility, ineffective data tracking, inefficient workflows, captive agents, a need to enhance coordination, and disconnected member touch points. To address these challenges, payers can leverage meaningful integrations of Health Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and appropriate governance.

  • Biotech and Pharma

    We are committed to supporting your objective of introducing groundbreaking medications to the market to improve people's health and wellbeing. Biotech and Pharma companies often operate in a complex, regulated environment that limits their ability to make the desired contributions. Through our partnership, these industries can deliver satisfactory services and achieve a favorable return on investment.

  • Medical Devices

    Medical devices play a crucial role in enhancing patients' lives. These devices and advanced instruments are designed to diagnose, prevent, monitor, treat, or mitigate diseases, as well as compensate for injury or disability. For over a decade, Cloudespacio has been supporting Biotech and Pharma companies in their initiatives, achieving successful outcomes.

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