Salesforce Customer 360 Degree

Presence of multiple platforms and channels has made it mandatory to create a seamless customer experience across all these channels. Establishing connectivity among all the channels result in top-notch collaboration between all your team members and can help your business grow smoothly. Salesforce Customer 360 degree will let you know everything about how you can reap the benefits of Salesforce Services to help your business move forward.

What is the Customer 360 Platform?

Salesforce is a highly celebrated name and an industry leader in CRM solutions. This brand consistently puts out software solutions designed to streamline business operations. Salesforce Customer 360 gives a complete idea of all Salesforce Software Solutions.

Features of Salesforce Customer 360 Degree Platform

  • Salesforce Customer 360 is a platform that helps businesses connect with customers through cohesive internal operations
  • It boosts internal collaboration by unifying analytics, sales, marketing, service, commerce, and IT under a single CRM platform
  • It builds a universal customer profile & ID that can be utilized across all Salesforce and external applications
  • All the teams in your company can safely access this data to help creating a seamless customer experience
  • It helps businesses to embrace digital transformation while emphasizing the customer experience
  • Customer 360 help teams to save time by automating repetitive tasks with Einstein AI and intelligent recommendations
  • It gives you a real-time analytics and data monitoring facility via Tableau, so you always know the status of your business

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An Introduction to Customer 360 Truth

Salesforce adopted a vision of enhancing the potential and function of Customer 360 by creating a portfolio of add-ons. The Customer 360 Truth is available for those who want to take the platform to the next level. Salesforce Customer 360 Truth add-on consists of four main components: Identity, Data Manager, Audiences, and Privacy Center.

  • Identity Component

    It is designed to create a single universal identity for customers, employees, and partners. You can manage data sharing, applications, and users securely across multiple channels.

  • Data Manager

    The effort to keep data safe is getting highly crucial for businesses. As organizations have begun to rely on an increasingly digital operation, they need a secured technology to support them in this area. The Customer 360 Truth Data Manager is a powerful data management tool where all data is reconciled across all channels, including clouds, third-party systems, and orgs.

  • Audiences

    Customer 360 Audiences is a tool that is beneficial for sales and support teams. It enables these teams to create a personalized customer experience. From the data collected by the Data Manager, Customer 360 Audiences creates custom audience segments based on strings of contact or event-level data.

  • Privacy Center

    Customer data is very private and needs to be strictly protected. All customers to some level feels as if they don't have control over their data or its use. In fact, this is one of the major reasons for customer distrust. Customer 360 Privacy Center provides strong data protection and enables customers to visualize and control their data the way they want.

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