What is Salesforce
App Development & Integration

Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management Platform that provides a blueprint for App Development with various types of Applications, such as marketing automation, customer service, analytics, and more. By integrating different features, Salesforce helps the application meet the needs of customers and business requirements for a brand. It is a highly competitive platform that enhances managing functions.

The Core Architecture & Components of Salesforce

  • Cloud Based Platform

    The Salesforce CRM platform is cloud-based and utilizes a multi-tenant architecture, enabling multiple clients to be serviced by a single application. This feature, known as multi-tenancy, is a cost-effective way for many users to share the same server and applications.

  • Easy App Building

    Salesforce uses a shared database to store both metadata and application data, which means that the developer can define the functionality of an app as metadata in the database. This makes it easier for developers to build apps on Salesforce.

  • Use of API

    Salesforce also utilizes APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, which define interactions between different software or application intermediaries. These APIs enable developers to access applications from any location, using programming languages that support web services such as Java, PHP, C#, or .NET.

  • Reliable Functionality

    The Salesforce architecture is based on a platform that provides a robust and stable foundation for various applications, including Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud, which are integrated to offer powerful functionality.

What Does
Cloud Espacio’s Applications Offer?

Cloud Espacio Consulting Software Services provides efficient models for application development and integration to meet the needs of modern businesses. Our high-end force.com solutions are designed with scalable data models and data flow to ensure optimal performance.

We have a dedicated team of certified Salesforce consultants who work closely with our application architects to make the entire process easy and productive.

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Cloud Espacio is founded by a team of dynamic and high-spirited entrepreneurs who are pioneers in the Cloud Computing space. It has successfully contributed to running and supporting different business organizations for several years

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Why Choose Us
As Your App Development Partner

  • High on Quality

    Cloud Espacio Consulting Software Solutions has been a certified company since 2022, demonstrating its commitment to delivering high-end products and superior services to its entire client base.

  • On-Time Delivery

    At Cloud Espacio Consulting Software Solutions, we adhere to a business model that prioritizes timely delivery of high-quality services to our clients. Our entire workforce is committed to this belief, ensuring that we meet or exceed our clients' expectations every time.

  • Experienced Workforce

    The team at Cloud Espacio Consulting Noida comprises of 150+ certified professionals with vast experience in leading Technology Platforms. We have delivered over 400 quality projects on time and on budget.

  • Cost-Effective Services

    Our company offers high-quality products at a significant cost reduction compared to our competitors. Our skilled teams in various production sectors ensure a successful project outcome while keeping costs low.

  • Co-ordinated Onsite/Offsite Model

    Cloud Espacio Salesforce Consultancy's business model combines onsite Salesforce consulting services with an offsite Salesforce development team to provide clients with a highly flexible and complete solution.

  • Flexible Service Model

    If you choose us as your Salesforce development partner, we will provide you with a customized work model that meets your specific needs. You can count on our full attention and excellent service without any hidden costs or complications.

  • Intellectual
    Property Rights

    Under a well-defined agreement, we provide our clients with the source code generated during the application development and the Intellectual Property Rights of the development work.

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